Samstag, 5. November 2016

Telford I

hi, everyone,

since this is my swap for the convention in the UK, this post will be in English as well. This November, my dearest downline Sandra wasn't able to come with me to the convention, so I decided to do something completely different and go to UK instead of Düsseldorf, Germany.

This does not seem to be the "normal" way to do things as the always nice and considerate Stampin' up! Support even called me to ask whether I was serious. Thank you, guys, I try not to be ;-)

So I flew over and hence, my swaps had to be rather small as I wasn't allowed to bring any luggage. And I wanted to do something else than the usual sweets, something that my follow demos would like to keep in their bags:

I designed the swaps to get the best out of DinA4 paper. First, you out at the smaller side 5 of the 21cm off. Then you turn the paper and cut strips of a little less than 5 cm as the paper is 29,8 and then you get 6 nice, even strips.And each needs to be scored at 1", 3 3/4 " and 4". The end with just one scoreline is stapeled to give it a matchbox look. And then one can start to decorate to one's heart content. 

Here the stamps, I've used: